Saturday, August 01, 2009

Declan's 5th Birthday Party

One of the best things about being in Colorado is that Abby has friends that live right on the same cul-de-sac as Grammy and Papi! A few weeks ago, one of her friends, Declan, had a birthday party and Abby was invited. They had the "fun bus" come for the party which is worth every penny. The kids board the bus and the parents are free to chat, eat, and drink! The bus is like a mini gymnastics/fitness center and the kids have a blast and are tuckered out when the exit. Then its off to play a little more, some cake, and present opening and its time to call it a day! Declan's party was a blast, but the friendship that Abby has developed with Declan and his older brother Aiden is priceless!
The Fun Bus
All the kiddos in front of the Fun Bus!
Abby in front of the Fun Bus

Since Olivia was too young to enjoy the Fun Bus she decided to do some gardening!


Susan said...

Wow, what a great idea! Sounds like a great time for all of the kiddos and the parents! Anytime Olivia wants to come to Wisco and help Grammy pull weeds she would greatly appreciate it!

Kendalls said...

I want to go on the fun they make a special one for adults...we can leave the kids outside and PARTY!!! i think i saw one in aruba!

Genest Family said...

That's an awesome idea! Did you happen to go in and check out the bus? Just wondering what kind of things it had in there. Sounds like a great party!

The Scofields said...

They actually have something like this for adults in Boston...and it takes you around like a limo. But, I'd love to have one around here for kids!

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