Monday, July 20, 2009

Abby's new 'do

I did it. I broke down and chopped Abby's hair off. I had been debating doing this for a while, and I had been threatening it even longer (during morning tears while brushing the knots). I knew Abby needed at least a trim and I left it up to her and the hairdresser how short to go. They decided on a short bob type cut with some layers was the way to go. I LOVE it, and more importantly Abby loves it. The first morning she looked at me with a huge grin and said, "Mommy it doesn't hurt when you brush my hair anymore!" That was all I needed to know we had made the right decision!

Abby and her hairdresser. Abby chatted her up the entire time she was there!
All done....and she loved sitting in the pink Barbie jeep!
The salon had a slide. Abby didn't have time to play before her haircut so she played for a bit afterward! Such a cute salon for kids!
Abby's golden locks. A few tears were shed for the golden curls...but like I said, we made the right choice and its the perfect haircut for her age and for the hot summer days!


Susan said...

Love her new haircut!!!


SO cute!!!

Kendalls said...

She's a doll! Look at those curls on the ground....can I have them?

Sam and Brian said...

Adorable!! I love her new 'do!! The locks on the ground were kind of sad, but that's to be expected!

Genest Family said...

The picture of her curls on the ground is so sad! I was all smiles right up until that picture~ I would have cried! BUT ... I love the new look! Looks great on her!

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