Sunday, July 12, 2009

Water Fun in Colorado

While there is no ocean in Colorado, we have found ways to enjoy the water. I haven't taken the girls swimming as much as I would like for two reasons. One, the weather hasn't cooperated. And two, Abby and Olivia are at such different stages of "water play" that its very hard to take both of them by myself. I definitely need help with that project. Abby is in swim lessons and they have been worth every penny! The first session she was terrified to put her face in the water and now she is swimming under water! Its absolutely crazy!!! I have video of her swimming but its on our big video camera and I need help getting that onto the computer. I will take a video on my camera to upload onto the blog.

Olivia enjoying the inside pool. She isn't a big fan of the outdoor pool, I think its too cold for her.
Olivia and Daddy swimming
Ana and Abby enjoying Grammy and Papi's hot tub
Mikey, Abby, Ana

I had to join in the fun!!

Slip and Slide!


Susan said...

Love the pics!


You all look so much alike!! Ana is like a mini you :)

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