Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Father's Day 2010

Ok, back to some posts from our time in Colorado.  I am going to try to get caught up soon!  Anyway, Father's Day was bittersweet yet again this year.  I was able to spend the day with my Dad which was wonderful, but the girls and I certainly missed Andrew since he was still in Arizona.  

My Dad wanted to spend the day with the girls so we decided to head to the Children's Museum after a yummy breakfast at the diner.  The girls had a blast at the museum, they painted, played with bubbles, played in the grocery store, played with the trains, did a puppet show and so much more.  The museum is really great and we love visiting while we are in town.  Abby really wanted to ride the "train" so I dropped Abby and my Dad off at the light rail station and they rode it home.  They actually beat Olivia and I to the station where we picked them up.  After that we made a quick stop for lunch, a shopping trip to Target and then headed to have the girls' pictures taken.  After all that, we met up with the rest of the family for some double-decker pizza in Castle Rock.  It was a really good day and I am glad we were able to share it with my Dad.
Painting at the museum

Puppet Show

Olivia loved that she could put on tap shoes and dance around on the dance floor!

Papi and Abby building a boat out of recycled materials

Playing with the bubble maker.  I think the bubble room was both Abby and Olivia's favorite room.  We visited that room a few times.

Papi making a giant bubble.

The girls in the middle of a giant bubble.

Abby wearing her safety glasses.

Here are the girls after getting their pictures taken.  They got ice cream from Coldstone for being so good during their pictures!

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Sam said...

Sounds like a fantastic day! Love the pics and wish I could hug both your girls right now!! I know how you feel...I'm so behind on posts!! :)

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