Sunday, July 18, 2010

Waterton Canyon

My Mom, Ana, and I decided to take the girls to Waterton Canyon one day for a picnic and to play in the river.  We met up with my mom's friend and her family and made a day out of it.  Its about a 2 mile walk to the picnic area, but the scenery is gorgeous the whole way.  The 2 mile walk took a long time because the girls insisted on walking most of the way, so we used the stroller to haul all of our stuff!   When we finally made it to the picnic area, the girls went straight for the water!   They loved splashing in the shallow water, digging in the dirt, and catching tadpoles.  We dragged them out of the water long enough to shovel some food in them and then they were right back to playing.  We finally packed up and headed home, the walk back to the car went by much quicker because both girls were tuckered out and willing to ride most of the way in the stroller!

All the girls walking to the picnic spot.

Playing in the water!

Look Ma....Dirt!!!

Ana, my Mom, Glenda, and her daughter about to take the plunge.  The water was freezing and I thought they were crazy.  You could hear their shrieks for miles :-)

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