Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Reindeer Cookies

Last week Abby and I made Reindeer cookies to bring to Dan and Staci's Christmas party this past weekend (more on the party to come). They are wonderful cookies to make with little ones because they are so easy! Abby and I had a good time making the cookies while Olivia was napping.


Susan said...

The reindeer cookies look yummy - hope you saved some for grammy. Or maybe we'll just have to make more :-)

The Bouy Blog said...

Those look great!! can you pass along to me the receipe? i kinda make out what they are but not 100% sure..i would love to make some with Jersey

here is my email:ebouy@thesportsauthority.com


The Scofields said...

These are super cute!! I was thinking of making "Reindeer Poop" with Gabriel...maybe we'll do these instead! :o)

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