Friday, December 12, 2008

Movie Night Outside

Last Saturday night, after the wing Christmas party, we headed down to Destin for the outside viewing of the Polar Express. They had a huge screen set up near the playground and benches to sit on and even some people walking around selling popcorn and cotton candy. I really thought the kids would enjoy it more than they did but they seemed more interested in running around than actually watching the movie. Nevertheless, they had a good time and it was a neat experience.

This is one of the few times both kids were actually sitting down at the same time watching the movie.

All bundled up!

Eating popcorn with mittens on is kind of hard!

Olivia slept most of the night. I got a couple of nasty looks from people, but really Olivia was probably warmer than anyone else there. She looked like the kid from 'A Christmas Story' all bundled up in her snow suit.


Susan said...

What fun!!!

Gram Cracker said...

You all look great...and so sweet and happy!

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