Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Program

The week before Christmas, Abby's preschool class put on a little Christmas show. Her class "sang" 2 Christmas songs. I put that in quotation marks because none of the kids really sang, they just kind of stood there...but they looked darn cute doing it! The other classes sang a few songs as well and it was all followed by yet another visit by Santa. It was a cute program, hopefully next year the kids will be a bit more inclined to actually participate. :)

Abby and her teacher Miss Marlo.


Susan said...

So grown up!!!! Looks like you had fun! Love, Grammy & Grampa

momto2boys said...

I love her hat....So adorable!!

Sam and Brian said...

She looks so darn cute! I'm still so bummed we missed it, even if they didn't actually sing :)

The Bouy Blog said...

so cute!!

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