Friday, December 12, 2008

Olivia Update

Last night I put Olivia down on her belly for some tummy time, much to my surprise she instantly rolled over onto her back! I thought that maybe it was just a fluke, that maybe I had set her down at an angle and given her an advantage so I flipped her back over and she rolled over again. She rolled over 6 times last night and 2 or 3 times again this morning. I am just so surprised that she was able to do this at 7 weeks old....Abby didn't roll over till almost 4 months old!

Anyway, Olivia has been cooing and smiling for a couple of weeks now too. I have tried to get a picture of a smile but no luck yet. She always seems to smile when the camera is out of reach. She is just like her sister when it comes to cooperating for a picture!

Here is a video of her rolling over:


Susan said...


Gram Cracker said...

that's amazing.....she is so advanced as my mom used to say about you!!!

Tracy said...

How cute that Abby wants to help so much! Enjoy that cuz Zac could care less!

Kendalls said...

oh my goodness! what a strong baby girl! i remember you saying you didn't trust leaving her on a bed a few weeks ago!! how cute!

Calla said...

How cool! And what a helpful sister!

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