Sunday, November 30, 2008

Novembers Random Ramblings

  • Abby and I were talking about hair cuts and how lots of boys have short hair and lots of girls have long hair. Then she asked me why Olivia has her hair cut like Nolan's.
  • Abby now calls Olivia "Livy" or "little one".
  • Abby has started calling Nolan, Nolan Richard (which is his middle name) when she really wants him to do something or she is trying to get her point across.
  • We were at the mall the other day and we saw 10 month old twins. I tried to explain to her what twins are, to which she replied "Nolan and I are twins." I figured I didn't do a good job explaining and continued to try to explain the concept. I told her that twins means a Mommy has 2 babies in her belly at the same time. She then told me that next time I will have 2 babies in my belly instead of just one.
  • Anytime we are in the car and Olivia is crying (which is often because I seem to have the only 2 kids in the world who don't instantly fall asleep in the car) Abby tells me I need to feed Olivia when we get to where ever we are going.

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Kendalls said...

Laughing as always when I read these!!

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