Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Nolan

Abby's best friend, Nolan, turned 3 on Sunday and on Saturday he had a very fun birthday party. It was held at the gymnastics place where the kids used to take gymnastics class. They set up an obstacle course where the kids were able to show off their skills. After running around for an hour it was time for pizza, cake, and presents. It was a really fun party, the kids had a blast! Happy Birthday Nolan, we are so happy we were able to help you celebrate turning 3!

On the rings

Swinging on the rope

The parachute. I think this was the kids' favorite activity, they were having so much fun with this!

The birthday boy and the cake his Mom and Dad made, it was awesome!

The true party animal! I guess all that running and jumping made her tired ;)


Sam and Brian said...

Thanks for celebrating with us!!

Susan said...

Happy Birthday Nolan!! Looks like you and your friends
had a great time. Love and hugs- Grammy S

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