Saturday, November 08, 2008

2 Week Check Up

Well, I am a slacker and forgot to do Olivia's 2 week picture but we did have her doctors visit on Nov. 6th and I have all of her stats. Our not so little girl is growing well and she got a clean bill of health from the doctor, even her hip clicks that were present at birth are all cleared up. So, here are her stats:
Height: 20 3/4" (75%)
Weight: 9#4oz (90%)
Head Cir: 36 3/4 cm (75%)


The Scofields said...

I can see you, Cheyna, in this picture of Oliva.

gram Cracker said...

I agree, looks like you Chey...but then again, you look like Andrew, so looks like Andrew, too!

Kendalls said...

she is so cozy!! now she is a month old...i can't believe it!!

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