Sunday, November 02, 2008

Happy Halloween

Halloween was a lot of fun this year, 3 is a great age for trick or treating. Brian, Sam and Nolan joined us at our house for pizza and then we headed out to go trick or treating. I tried to dress Olivia up in Abby's chili pepper costume from when she was a baby, but Olivia was just not having it! I was lucky because my Dad and step-mom were in town and my step-mom volunteered to stay home with Olivia so I wouldn't miss out on the trick or treating fun. Abby and Nolan had a blast and were so excited that they were dancing and singing in the streets in between houses! They were also very brave and weren't scared of the decorations or of any of the costumes. Both the little ones got tired after a while so we headed home where they got their second burst of candy induced energy!

My Girls

The kiddos before dinner

My little stinker

The cutest dragon and skunk in all of Florida


Susan said...

Tooo Cute!!!! Glad you had a fun time!!! Grammy S

Kendalls said...

Ha! Did she talk about spraying green stinky stuff??

Kim and Matt said...

It looks like you guys had a great time as well!! I'm so sorry I missed the birth of Olivia Ruth! Love her name and she is absolutely beautiful!! Congratulations!! And good luck with the TDY...the good thing is that time goes by very quickly. :)

The Scofields said...

Wow!! I got behind on checking blogs, and missed a lot here! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the skunk costumer! What a freaking cutie pie! And it looks like Oliva wasn't into wearing the little Halloween hat either!

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