Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Libby turns 1

Nolan's birthday party wasn't the only party we attended on Saturday. After a brief stop at home to regroup and rest, we headed to another birthday party! Our friends Ben and Molly's little girl Libby turned 1. They hosted quite the shindig at their house with tons of kids, lots of yummy food, and of course birthday cake! Abby befriended 2 other little girls that were her age and they had so much fun playing together all night. In fact, they had so much fun playing we allowed Abby to stay up way past her bedtime (till 10PM) to play with her new friends. After all the "partying" Abby recuperated by sleeping in till 10AM on Sunday morning!!!

The Birthday girl eating her cake

Abby enjoying her 2nd piece of cake of the day

Libby, Ben and Andrew

Abby asked Mr. Ben to play the guitar and then all the kids were dancing
Daisy, Abby, Taryn


The Morgans said...

the pics of the three girls are sooo cute!

Gram Cracker said...

wow, those are some cute kids

Kendalls said...

fun! what a day! olivia is growing so quickly!

The Scofields said...

I really like the picture of the three girls..you can picture them at 18 posing like this....on the beach with a "beverage" in hand. I'm so glad I have a boy...lol!

The Scofields said...

By the way....Cheyna!! You look Beaufiful!!!

Susan said...

What a threesome of cuties!!!! Happy birthday to Libby too!. Grammy S

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