Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Who does Abby look like?

Its funny to talk to people and hear what they have to say as far as who Abby looks most like. It seems llike my family and the friends I knew before I was with Andrew tend to think she looks more like me. And Andrews family and the friends he knew before he was with my tend to think she looks more like Andrew. I think these are biased opinions. Our mutual friends seem to be split and strangers think she looks more like Andrew. I tend to agree with the strangers, I think she looks just like her Daddy. I guess I was wrong and there is more of me in her than I really see. Check it out!

PS...Thanks to Sam for letting me steal yet another one of her ideas!!!


momto2boys said...

AWW... and a new post!! Yippee!!! ( I stole it too) :)

Amy Scofield said...

Aw man! I tried to go and do this, and it isn't letting me do anything on this site. Is there a secret to it?
Very cute.
(p.s.-the indoor playground here is near Target...just search indoor playground in your area. This one is called "kids playground")

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