Wednesday, October 10, 2007

New Layout

I was reading some other blogs when I came across one that mentioned free layouts. Sam and I have been talking about custom layout for the blogs and there is a way to design and pay for your own personal layout. Sam is working hard to come up with something for her blog. I, on the other hand, was sick of the same old, same old on my blog, but I am not nearly as motivated as Sam and I took the lazy route. The pre-made layout! It works for now, itts something different. There is a poll to the left, let me know what you think!


Susan said...

It's great, but I miss the pink. I guess Abby's not a baby anymore :(

Sally Y said...

Love the layout! It's awesome!

Amy Scofield said...

That's nice! Where/how did you do this?

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