Friday, October 05, 2007

LBTS and a visit from Greta

Last week my sister Greta and her boyfriend Jon came to visit for a week. Thanks to a little last minute planning we were able to spend part of the week in LBTS (Lauderdale by the Sea) visiting with my Dad and Jane as well. It was a lot of driving but it was a great, albeit, short visit. Abby ended up getting sick and it was quite an interesting, long drive home. We only had a short time to visit here in Crestucky which was probably a good thing because there isn't a whole heck of a lot to do here. But, we did go to the outlet mall and we made it down to the beach for lunch and a little dip in the ocean. It was fun having Greta visit and we miss her already!

Abby and I enjoying a little live Jazz on the streets of LBTS
Me, Andrew, Greta and Jon

Greta and Jon at Anglers

I love Abby's expression in the picture!

Mommy, Abby and Auntie Greta at lunch on the beach. Doesn't get much better than that!


Sam and Brian said...

These are all such awesome pictures!

Susan said...

Who says Abby doesn't look like Cheyna? Glad you guys had fun. Are there going to be pics of the birthday boy?

The Morgans said...

Your hair looks so pretty curly like that!

Amy Scofield said...

I was just going to comment on your curly hair! Very pretty picture of you! Looks like a fun time with your sister.

misspink1288 said...

i had such a good time with you and abby! and andrew of course. i wish we lived closer because i love spending time with you and hearing all the new things abby is saying these days. "knock knock mommy lady" that was by far my favorite! miss you lots! and email me some pictures please!!!

Kendalls said...

Dear Cheynar,
You are beautiful! I love you and miss you everyday!
Love, Becca

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