Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Big Day for the Girls

The girls both had their first day of school on Monday, August 29th.  Abigail started Kindergarten (I still can't believe it!), and Olivia started preschool for the first time!  Abby will be attending all day kindergarten and she is taking the bus to and from school.  She goes Monday and Thursday and alternating Wednesdays.  This is the first year our school district is trying this schedule, we will let you know how we like and how it works out for us in a few months when we really get into the swing of things :-)  Olivia will be going to school on Mondays and Wednesdays and already has some friends in her class so that made the transition a little bit easier.  Both girls had great first days and they are excited for the upcoming school year.  I am just hoping I can keep my days straight and get the girls where they need to be on the correct days!!!
The girls before school

Our kindergarten-girl

That's Abby waving goodbye as the bus pulled away the first morning. 
It just about broke my heart watching the bus pull away down the street knowing she wouldn't be back for over 7 hours!  I did good though, and kept it together till she couldn't see me anymore!

Olivia in front of her new preschool.
She was very excited to be going to "Anna's school"
Anna is a friend of Abby's that is now in kindergarten, but she went to this preschool last year.

William was just along for the ride!

7+ hours later she returns!!!

Daddy stopped on his way home to pick up a special "first day of school" treat for the girls.
Cupcakes from Gigi's, the icing is taller than the cupcake!!

Orange for Olivia!!

Pink for Abby!!


Sam said...

She looks so grown up in the bus...its all so much to take ;) Love the pics!!!

Susan said...

I would have lost it when I was taking the pics! They looked so darling and grown up!

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