Thursday, August 04, 2011

7 Months Old

I can't even begin to believe that my baby boy is 7 months old.  Time has flown and it is apparent that we are busy with our day to day lives (as you can see from how far behind I am in blogging), but I wanted to take a minute and write some stuff down, because even though I swear up and down I won't forget these sweet day but I have learned with the girls that as the days get further away the memories fade away as well.  That is the point of this blog, to go back and remember, reminisce and forever have a record of the days that seem to fly by without warning.

William is a joy and he smiles with his whole face in a wide open mouth grin which melts my heart.  He has 2 teeth and is working on some top ones which can cause him to be cranky at times.  He still loves to be held, but is finally taking naps in his crib (when we are home to do so).  He is eating cereal, veggies, and some fruits, although he is starting to realize that the cereal has no taste and much prefers the veggies and fruit.  He has even started to eat puffs here and there which he loves, and he is working hard at using a sippy cup.  He adores his sisters and lights up when they catch his eye.  He laughs easily and often, but no one can make him laugh harder than Olivia and Abby.  William rolls with a purpose, he can roll to pretty much any where he wants and he can scoot his butt way up in the air and inch forward.  Crawling is not too far away!  I think I may have to invest in a big baby gate (baby jail) to keep him safe from all the little toys the girls have laying around everywhere!  He is beginning to get "too smart for his own good" and when we go into his room, shut off the light, turn on his sound machine and turn toward the crib, he knows a nap is coming and he starts to cry.  In the morning when he wakes up, Andrew goes to get him and changes his diaper and then brings him to me in the rocking chair for his feeding.  As soon as he sees me he reaches his arms out toward me and throws himself at me with a big smile on his face, its a wonderful way to start my day!  My baby boy is getting big so fast, and before I know it we will be celebrating his 1st birthday....crazy.  I adore my little family of 5 and truly feel like we are complete!!


Susan said...

Sweet Boy! I can't wait to spend a week with you and your sisters!

Jennifer B. said...

He is so adorable! What a blessing :).

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