Thursday, September 01, 2011

August's Random Ramblings


  • Abby was eating a bagel one morning and her tooth is ever so slightly loose.  She told me that her tooth is sensible and she may not be able to bite into the bagel.
  • Abby has taken to calling William "bubby"
  • Abby came home from her first day of school and informed me that "kindergarten rocks!!"
  • Abby was helping Olivia get her shoes on one morning and asked if she wanted to wear her hot pink ones.  To which Olivia replied, they are not HOT they are cold!!
  • Olivia likes to help push William's stroller and she asks if she can help "shop him".
  • We went to the zoo and they have an incredible cheetah show which showcases the cheetah's running ability.  While we were sitting there waiting for it to start Olivia kept asking when we were going to see the cheetos run!
  • Olivia tells William to hurry up and finish eating his booby!
  • William has learned how to do the pterodactyl screech which he loves to practice in the car.  He's not upset, just likes to listen to his own voice.
  • When he wakes up in the morning, Andrew gets him and changes his diaper and then brings him to me in the rocking chair so I can feed him and he reaches his arms out for me and practically leaps into my lap with a big ol' smile on his face....its a great way to start the day
  • William has got the rolling over thing down!!  He can roll to where ever he wants to go.  Its so cute and funny to watch, especially since his sisters rolled over a few times and called it good, not really rolling to get places.
  • He is very strong, he gets his but way up in the air and lurches forward...crawling is not far behind and then I'm really in trouble!!  In fact, he is now rocking on all fours all the time.

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