Friday, August 26, 2011

The Big Apple

We took a trip to NY to visit my grandparents over Memorial Day weekend, my Dad, stepmom, brother and sister and my aunt all went out at the same time so it was like a mini family reunion.  It was so nice spending time with family and we always have lots of fun when we go visit.  We were able to go into the "big city" 2 days with all the kids and it actually went really well, we had lots of fun!

Olivia on the plane

This was William's first plane ride, he did really good!

When we landed in NY, we de-planed on the tarmac, the girls thought it was pretty cool!

Yay!  We are in New York!!!

The girls loved coloring and playing card with Grandma-ma

In the city

William and I in the taxi

Taxi ride

William enjoyed his first trip to the Big Apple!!

Even big girls need a break from walking!

We ate at the world famous Gray's Papaya for lunch...
Yummy hotdogs!!

Andrew enjoying his hotdog.

William is still a little young for a hot dog
Maybe next year!!!

At the Natural History Museum

We were by the big whale, but it was so dark in there you can't see it.

The dinosaurs are exciting!!

A trip to NY is not complete without a stop at FAO Schwarz

Playing on the big piano.

Lots of train and subway rides
The kids did really well with all the traveling


It was fleet week and they had a bunch of activities set up by the pier.

Cooling off with a snocone.

My Dad, Aunt Lynda, and Aunt Pam
Pop-pop and Grandma

Family picture

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