Tuesday, November 30, 2010

November's Random Ramblings


  • Abby is really into spelling these days.  She reads us the letters on everything and asks what they say.  She has been sounding out words as well when she is in the mood and we have to be careful when spelling around her because she has picked up on more than a few things!  Andrew and I are no longer Mom and Dad, we are M-O-M and D-A-D and we are to answer her with A-B-I-G-A-I-L.
  • Afghanistan = Assganistan


  • I told Olivia to stop picking her nose and she turned and looked at me very seriously and said, "But there are boogers up there!"---Hard to argue with that logic!!
  • Olivia was playing with a new necklace I got.  Grammy Susan asked her if she thought it was pretty and she said, "NO!!!" very loudly and then added very sweetly, "it's bufeeful!"
  • Andrew asked Olivia what she wanted for Christmas and she said, presents!
  • Olivia spent months calling Abby only sister or sissy, never using her name.  Lately she has been saying Abby a lot and sister and sissy are not as frequently used.  I miss hearing her say sister, it was so cute!  But, I love hearing her say Abby, she has so much respect and admiration for her big sister and you can hear it in the way she says her name.
  • Olivia loves to sing....she is constantly singing the Wisconsin Badgers song "If you want to be a Badger", the ABC's and she is also always counting.  She can count to about 16 but often goes from 1-11 and then starts over at 8 again.  Its cute to listen to and reminds me of how Abigail would always skip 15 when she was counting!  
***Edited to add the following per Grammy Susan's reminder (thanks!)***
  • We took Abigail and Olivia to see Tangled over Thanksgiving weekend.  This was Olivia's first movie theater movie and she did pretty good.  She did get bored after a while and even though she was still being good, she started talking a lot and not using her "inside voice".  Andrew decided to take her out and as they were walking out of the movie, she very loudly said "movie ova, movie ova"  It made most of the theater chuckle a bit.


Susan said...

and don't forget "movie ova'" ! Love these posts, Grammy

Sam said...

So sweet!!! And hilarious!

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