Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Fancy Nancy Party

Abigail's friend Anna had a Fancy Nancy birthday party a few weekends ago, and it was lots of fun.  All of the girls were asked to dress in their "fancy" clothes and when they arrived Mary (Anna's Mom) gave them all a make-over complete with makeup and nail polish.  They also received some fancy accessories and then they took a walk down the red carpet and put on a fashion show for all of the moms!  The food was fancy; heart-shaped sandwiches, sugar-coated grapes, chocolate covered strawberries, and pink punch.  The girls had a blast and it was fun to see them all dressed up and acting very fancy!

My Fancy Abby

Abby and Jenna

Abby and Anna (the birthday girl) after their trip down the runway!


Susan said...

sooooo cute!


That's such a cute idea!!

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