Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Becca's Visit

Becca and the kiddos came for a visit back in early October.  It was great to see my dear friend and her sweet kids and we had a lot of fun while she was here.  The kids played great together and we kept very busy!  It was also nice because she was here for part of Andrew's TDY, and its always nice to have company when he is gone!  Even though we don't live really close anymore, I am lucky we are just 2 hrs. from her family in Kentucky because we always try to see each other one way or another when she is home to visit her family.  Maybe someday we will be lucky enough to be stationed together again!  

We took the kids (minus Abby because she was at school) to the Air Force museum to look at the planes.  The museum is HUGE and you could actually spend 2 full days there looking at all they have to offer.  Since we were with the little ones, we were there for about and hour and a half which was plenty for them.  We made our way to the airplanes that they could climb in, stopped at a few other displays that the kids took an interest in, a quick look through the gift shop, and then we were out of there!

Becca and Hailey

Wes--I think he was excited to sit in the cockpit!

Olivia's turn!

Olivia and Hailey looking at the model planes.
Isn't Hailey cute with the backpack on that is as big as she is??

I LOVE Wes' expression in this one:

Wes checking out the model airplanes, he really liked this display.

The weather was great while Becca was here so we decided to set up the bouncy house for the kids one afternoon.  They had a blast jumping and sliding!

I don't know what the deal is with Abby's outfit!


Another day we decided to hit up Young's Dairy to check out their pumpkins.  We packed a picnic lunch, played on the tractors, picked out a couple of pumpkins, fed the farm animals, and ate some yummy ice cream!

Olivia, Abby, Wes, and Hailey

Wes and Abby on the gigantic pumpkin, it weighed nearly 1,000 pounds!

Abby and Olivia take a turn on the pumpkin

My girls

Posing with the pumpkins

I think this is funny because it looks like Olivia is putting that pumpkin in its place!!


Riding the tractor

It looks like Wes is taking his girlfriend for a ride on his tractor.
"Do you think my tractor's sexy?!?!"


Abby and Wes painting the pumpkins they picked out at Young's while Olivia and Hailey took a nap!

Rub-a-dub-dub, how many kids can you fit in the tub?!?!?

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The Kendall Family said...

Love these shots! More wonderful memories!! Love you guys! Too bad you don't have a shot of me and Andy watching Glee!!! or should I say sleeping!!!

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