Tuesday, October 12, 2010

NYC--Family Edition

The main purpose for our recent trip to NY was to visit my grandparents.  We decided to go the weekend of my Dad's birthday since he and my stepmom would be out visiting at the same time and we could spend some time with them as well!  It was so, so, so wonderful to see my grandparents and have my kids spend time with a part of my family that has been so important, special, and influential in my life.  I was over-joyed to see how well both of the girls took to them, it was like they had known them for years!  My grandparents hold a very special place in my heart and I hope to be able to visit more often now that we are a bit closer and see the relationship my children will develop with them!

Olivia with Pop-pop and Gramma-ma in the background

Olivia and Gramma-ma

Abby, Papi and Gramma-ma

Grammy Jane, my cousin Lyndsay, myself, Olivia, Papi
 ...and my Aunt Lynda in the background.

I think this is a sweet picture of Pop-pop and Abby.
We were on our way to eat breakfast at our favorite spot in Manhassett, Louie's Deli

Getting ready for bed

The girls with "Uncle Ricky"
Ricky is my cousin and he is wonderful with the kids, they just LOVE him!

Gramma-ma and Olivia

Abby and Gramma-ma

Abby and Gramma-ma spent hours coloring one afternoon.  
I don't know who enjoyed it more!

My Grandma loves to play cards.  She taught Abby how to play slap-jack while we were there.
And of course, Olivia had to get in on the action too!

Olivia and Lyndsay

Ricky and Olivia


Jennifer B. said...

That is so wonderful that your girls got to spend time with them!!!


How fun!! I bet everyone had a blast! Great pictures :)

Susan said...

Who does Olivia Ruth look like??? Definitely her Gramma-ma Ruth!

George said...

Great job Chey, I love it and so will Gram!!

George said...

Great Job on this post, I love it! So will Gram!

Greta said...

I wish i would've been there!

Greta said...

i wish i would've been there. i miss you guys so so much!

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