Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday Olivia

My Dearest Olivia,

I can't believe my baby girl is 2 years old already.  In many ways you seem older and people are always surprised when they ask your age and I tell them you aren't even 2 yet.  I am sure its a mixture of your personality and the fact that you have an older sister, but you seem to be beyond your age.  In many ways you are growing up too quickly.  But there are times when I see glimpses of my little baby and I love the mixture of baby and big girl that you have become.

You talk all the time.  I guess you are in some sort of competition with your sister to see who can talk more!  I do have to interpret quite a bit because I think your vocabulary is a bit ahead of your age, but you seem to understand everything and you have an opinion on everything as well.  You have 2 volumes; loud and louder.  You have a hard time finding your "inside" voice.  I guess you are just so excited about life and what you have to say about it that you feel the need to let the entire world know what you are thinking and feeling at any given moment.

Your sense of humor keeps us on our toes and always laughing.  Its sort of a dry, sarcastic sense of humor that is all your own.  Sometimes its in the way you walk, or the voice you use to talk, or just the way you look at us.  It is hard to explain, its so sophisticated for 2 year old.  I think its your biggest and best trait and I am sure you will continue to use it to your advantage, as you already do!

You are truly a Daddy's girl.  Whenever Daddy is around you want him to "do it", whatever "it" may be, from changing your diaper, to getting you out of the car.  He is the first person you ask about when you wake up in the morning and the last person you see before you go to bed at night.  Of course this makes me just the slightest bit jealous, but I love seeing your special relationship with your Daddy.

Your sister holds a close second to Daddy.  You cry more when she leaves than when I do!  You had a hard time the first couple of weeks of school, but you are getting better.  Although there are times when I see that look in your eyes when we drop her off, and I quickly remind you that we will pick her up in just a few hours which usually puts you at ease.  You girls play so well together (most of the time) and you are best friends.  The bond you are forming is something that leaves me in awe and wanting to see more.

Olivia, you are an amazing little girl.  I can't imagine our lives without you.  I have LOVED watching you grow, explore, and learn and I look forward to the next year with you.  I can't wait to see you go from being a little sister to being a big sister.  I can't wait to see you become more independent and do more "big girl" things.  I can't wait to hear the things that come out of your mouth,  I can't wait to love you, and continue to watch you grow, explore and learn.  Happy Birthday my sweet little 2 year old!

I love you with all of my heart,


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Jennifer B. said...

Ok, bringing a tear to my eyes reading that! Happy birthday to Miss Olivia!!!

Sam said...

Happy Birthday sweet girl!!!

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