Thursday, October 07, 2010

Air Force Marathon

After months and months of training and hard work Andrew and his brother Josh completed the Air Force Marathon on September 18th.  It was the first marathon for both of them and it went really well.  Andrew had a cold and was feeling a little bit under the weather and Josh's feet started bleeding at mile 17, but other than that there were no problems!  The goal for the first marathon was to finish under 5 hours, which they accomplished!!  The boys had many people to cheer them on, Peter and Susan flew out and Josh's wife Laura and their baby boy Tyler were there as well as myself and the girls.  We were all very proud of Andrew and Josh, way to go guys!!!

Josh and Andrew are all smiles before the race

Andrew's buddy Nick also flew out to run the 1/2 marathon and he did great as well!  
Way to go Nick!!

We all went out to be near the finish line to cheer on the guys.  Here we are passing the time, it was hard to figure out exactly when they would be here and we didn't want to miss them!

Olivia and Tyler sharing some gold fish

Abby's sign

Olivia's sign

...And here they are.  This is right about mile 26, only .2 miles to go and the boys are still smiling!

Daddy is done and his girls are proud!

Family picture with the marathon finisher!

Family hug

Post race celebratory beer! 

Here are the runners:
Andrew and Josh- Marathon
Nick- 1/2 Marathon
Peter and Susan- 5K
It was Susan's first 5K and she did awesome!  We are proud of all the runners!

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Genest Family said...

woohoo! Nice job Andrew!!

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