Sunday, October 24, 2010

FAO Schwarz

The first full day we were in NY Andrew had the girls in the morning by himself since I went to Good Morning America with my Dad and Aunt Lynda.  He decided to brave the 45 minute train ride from Long Island into the city by himself with both girls to meet us in the city after the show was over.  We met him at Penn Station and the first order of business was getting some breakfast.  We wen to The Pop-over Cafe and the popovers were absolutely awesome.  If you are ever in NY and like popovers I would recommend giving this place a try.  After our brunch Andrew and I took the girls to FAO Schwarz, the huge toy store over on 5th avenue.  The girls had a blast looking at all the toys, we were there for quite a while checking it all out.  We were lucky in the sense that the girls were really good about just looking at the toys and not wanting to buy a ton of things.  We got out of there only buying Abby's Dorothy costume for Halloween!  After FAO Shwarz we walked around the city a bit and tried to figure out what we wanted to do the next day and then we headed back to Long Island for dinner with my family.

Andrew and the girls on the train

The girls thought the train was great, which was a good thing since it was over a 1/2 ride each way!

The FAO Schwarz toy soldier. 

Olivia wouldn't get near him for a picture.


So many stuffed animals!

On the look out tower.

This is the piano from the movie "Big".  The girls LOVED it and were playing on it forever.  We had a hard time getting them to leave!

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great pictures!

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