Thursday, September 02, 2010

A visit from cousin Tyler

 A couple of weekends ago we had a house full of visitors; Josh, Laura, Tyler, Grammy Susan, and Grampa Pete.  The main reason for the visit was for Andrew and Josh to do their 18 mile training run for the AF Marathon they are running in Sept.  They asked Peter to come out and ride his bike alongside of them with a backpack full of water, Gatorade, gu, and bananas, and he agreed!  So anyway, we were able to enjoy some time with family.  The girls were over the moon about Tyler which I think overwhelmed him a little bit.  They were very sweet and showed him all of their favorite toys.  I think Susan was in Grammy heaven having both of her sons and all of her grandchildren under one roof, and even though Josh and Andrew were tired, they were thankful for Peter's help.

Olivia and Tyler enjoying a snack on the kitchen floor.

When the boys were done with their run on Saturday we had to go pick up Andrew's car from a little town called Yellow Springs.  It is a very cute, eclectic, little town with lots of little shops and cool restaurants.  We decided to have lunch at The Clifton Mill, which is one of the largest water powered mills still in existence.  The restaurant was cute and the surroundings were beautiful!

Josh and Tyler

Grammy and the girls checking out some of the old buildings on the property.

Family picture

Laura, Tyler and Josh

All of Grammy and Grampa's kids and grand kids.

Abby and her Grampa....she was attached to his hip the whole time he was here.

Abby and Peter cooking dinner.  Abby has really been into cooking lately and wanting to cook and help in the kitchen whenever possible.  Its always a treat when Grampa Pete comes to visit because they get to cook together.  That night they made some delicious chicken stuffed with cheese and prosciutto, fruit salad (Abby's request), risotto, and roasted broccoli. YUMMY!!!!

Grammy and Grampa with the girls at The Greene


Susan said...

Yes, I was in Grammy heaven! I can't wait for our next get together!

Genest Family said...

Hey, I've been there! Can't remember how we found it or why but we didn't end up having lunch. Isn't there a little gift shop or something? Cute for pictures! Soo funny to have you bring back memories for me!

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