Thursday, September 30, 2010

September's Random Ramblings


  • Abby wants to name her brother Michael Jackson.  Don't worry, its not really on our list!
  • For the week before we went to New York Abby kept explaining to Olivia that we were going to meet her "new Grandma and Grandpa" referring to my grandparents.  I guess they were "new" because they hadn't really met them before.
  • Andrew ran his first marathon this month (AWESOME, and more to come on that in a later post). He was training hard and running lots of miles.  One day he came home from one of his long runs and Abby started quizzing him about the race, asking him how come he had to run so much and how long was the race.  He told her it was 26.2 miles to which she replied, well that isn't really that long!  If she only knew!!!!


  • Olivia calls Winne the Pooh, poo-poo bear.
  • The Ohio State mascot is called Brutus and Olivia always thought he was funny.  One day Andrew was with us when we spotted an inflatable Brutus and Olivia was laughing and pointing to him saying "funny guy."  Andrew told her that he was Brutus and he was yucky (Ohio State and University of Wisconsin are big rivals).  Now, when ever she sees him she says, "Brubus, YUCK!!"
  • One morning as I was getting dressed Olivia handed me my bra and said, "Mommy put on your boobies!"
  • I was getting Olivia ready for bed, putting on her jammies.  Grammy Susan walked in and Olivia screamed "Grammy, I naked.  These are my boobies!!!"
  • Andrew was singing in the car and as I have said before Olivia doesn't like my singing so she said, "Mommy no sing"  I told her it was Daddy singing and she said, "ok".
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