Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sweet Corn Festival

A couple of weeks ago we took the girls to the sweet corn festival.  It was a fun little festival with lots of vendors selling homemade goods, food booths, and a kids area.  Even though we ate before we went, we had to try some corn and it was delicious!

Andrew double-fisting the corn!


Abby loved the pony rides!

Olivia was a bit apprehensive at first, but when the ponies started to move she decided she liked it.

Matching "tattoo's"

Riding the train

The girls rode the train while Andrew was waiting in line for the corn.  I was a bit surprised because the train took off and went all around the festival.  I didn't know if I should follow it along since Olivia was riding by herself or just wait for their return.  I decided to wait for them mostly because I had so much stuff I would have had to trudge along with me.  Olivia did really good and was all smiles when the train pulled up!

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Susan said...

I can't believe they both road the ponies! And what a cute train! Such sweet girls :-)

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