Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Water Day/Last Day of School

Abby's school had a water day during the last week of school.  They had bubbles, a shaving cream table, a water table, a sprinkler, and they even turned the sand box into a mud box for making mud pies. After playtime the class sat outside and had ice cream. The kids had lots of fun and of course Olivia got in on the action as well!
Abby (and Olivia in the background) playing with the bubbles

Abby really liked the shaving cream table.  Her friend Timothy was being such a gentleman and would help squeeze the shaving cream right into Abby's hands for her.

Ice Cream Time!

These are the teachers gifts that I made.  A couple of us went in on some Cheesecake Factory gift certificates and then I bought the plants and made the the flower gift card holders.  I took the idea from a magazine, and I was very happy with how they turned out!

Abby and her teacher Mrs. Beatty.  She was a wonderful teacher and Abby enjoyed being in her class so much!

Abby and the teacher's helper Mrs. Stees.  She was great too!  Abby had such a fantastic year at Dayspring and made some wonderful friends and wonderful memories!

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