Friday, June 18, 2010

Abby's Dance Recital

After months of practice all of Abby's hard work in dace was to be shown off at first ever dance recital.  Both of her grandpa's were able to be there for her debut performance and she did an outstanding job!  She was a bit nervous and told me before hand that she was a little scared, but when she walked onto that high school stage in the auditorium packed full of people with a huge smile on her face you wouldn't have known it!  I am so proud of my little dancer!! I am hoping she continues dance because it is fun to watch and the confidence that she gained from it is something you can't put a price on.

Unfortunately I did not get a lot of pictures.  It was SUPER hot outside so we were going to take more when we got there, but of course it was crazy and the girls changed out of their recital outfits for the finale so this is the best picture I got.  I did get a few of her in her outfit from another day but they are on the other computer so I will have to load those later.  She was absolutely adorable in her red, white, and blue though!

Me and Olivia before the recital.  It was about an hour and a half long and Olivia did really well.  She was very excited to see her sister dance.

Abby afterward getting her flowers, she was very proud of them.

Daddy and his little dancer.

Here is a video of Abby's dance.  Sorry the quality isn't so good, it was taken on my camera from kind of far away.  Abby is 3rd from the left.  I will try to upload a better quality video soon.

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