Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Going Away Play Date

The week before we left my friend Silvia (she is Abby's friends' Angelina and Thomas' mom) had a going away play date for Abby and us.  We were so touched that so many of Abby's school friends came to wish us farewell.  Abby's teachers Mrs. Beatty and Mrs. Stees were even there which was such a nice surprise for Abby!  Silvia made her backyard into a water wonderland with sprinklers, water tables, spray bottles and squirt guns, the kiddos had so much fun.  On top of all the playing there was a ton of food and it was great to catch up with some of the moms from school.  I feel so blessed that these people welcomed us into their lives so easily and without hesitation.  I am used to forming fast friendships with other military wives, but thought it might be harder this time since we weren't near a military base but in the 10 short months that we were there I made a few close friends that made our time in Arizona a lot more enjoyable and I will forever be grateful for that.

 **I wish I had more pictures, but my camera battery died just after we went out to play**

The cake that they made for us

The kids playing before we made our way outside.

Abby and one of her teachers Mrs. Stees.  Silvia had all of the kids put their painted handprint on a tote bag for Abby, it turned out really cute and its a great keepsake from our time in AZ!

The kids getting ready to get wet

Some of the outdoor water toys

Mrs. Stees even got in on the squirt gun action!


Sam said...

Wow, looks like a blast! Good bye's can be fun, but bittersweet!

Sam said...

Wow, looks like a blast! Good bye's can be fun, but bittersweet!

Susan said...

What wonderful friends and teachers! Such a positive influence on Abby! May she always have such great role models!

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