Wednesday, June 30, 2010

June's Random Ramblings


  • Abby: Mommy, I really need a pedicure - there is no polish left on my toes. Mommy, Daddy needs a pedicure too and a massage. He hiked for 3 days and his muscles are sore!
  • Abby calls granola bars, granilla bars even after I have corrected her a million times.
  • Gram cracker gave Abby a bite of her peppermint patty and Abby said, "Yum, those are good did you whip them up yourself Gram Cracker?"

  • Olivia calls my mom Cracker instead of Gram Cracker.
  • If Olivia gets in trouble for doing something she will turn her head to one side and say "Hi" in the sweetest voice she can muster.  I guess she thinks her sweetness will make up for when she is naughty.
  • Olivia's new favorite phrase is "I'm fine".  She replies with this often.  As in, "Olivia, finish your dinner"...."I'm fine."  "Olivia, be gentle with the cats."......"I'm fine."

1 comment:

The Kendall Family said...

i guess she is a cracker....i'm fine too!

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