Wednesday, May 05, 2010

School Egg Hunt

Abby had an Easter Egg Hunt at school the week before Easter.  Olivia and I decided to join in on the fun!  Its always fun being able to see Abby at school and watch how she interacts with the teachers and other kids.  I love seeing how she spends her time when she is away from us.  We all had a good time and the kids loved finding their eggs with their names on them (so it was fair) all over the classroom.

Abby found one!

Abby and her classmates waiting to find out what kind of treats are inside their eggs.

Olivia LOVES going to the classroom with Abby!!

The girls at one of the learning stations.

Abby playing house during free play.  I need to have her do some of our laundry!

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Great pictures!! Thats is the best idea ever for the eggs!! I gotta remember that!

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