Thursday, May 27, 2010

Gram-cracker, Mikey and Ana visit

My mom, Mikey, Ana came to visit for a long weekend back in April.  The original plan was for us to all run the Pat Tillman race, but that ended up just being Andrew and me while my mom took on babysitting duty, thanks mom!  We had a great visit with them and we are so glad they were able to make it out to AZ.  We stayed busy with a little hiking, a visit to ASU, and some swimming.  Abby (and Olivia) were thrilled to have Mikey and Ana here and wouldn't let them rest!

Listening to some Lady Gaga on Mikey's sweet headphones!

Oliva and me at lunch

Gram-cracker and Uncle Mikey

Aunt Ana and Abby

Outside Four Peaks Brewery where we had a yummy lunch one day.

Checking out the goods at the ASU bookstore.  My little Sundevil!

Maybe one of them will be back in a few years to go to college?!?!

Hiking the "A" mountain.  Its not a long hike but its VERY steep!

Abby and I on the "A"

The top!

Abby and Gram-cracker taking in the view

Mikey and Ana high above Tempe

We decided to have yogurt after our hike....yum!

The girls with their big bowls of fro-yo.  Its pay by the ounce so you make your own, and put on any and as many toppings as you want and just pay for what you have, its great!!!

The aftermath of the fro-yo!!!


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Genest Family said...

You really have some nice pictures of you and the kids. I love it when there's a head shot of you and the girls, they always come out so nice! It seems like mine never come out that nice! ;-)

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