Friday, May 07, 2010


We had a great, low-key Easter this year with just our family.  We started off the day checking out what the Easter Bunny had left in our baskets.  Then, we quickly got dressed and headed over to our local park for an Easter Egg Hunt.  There weren't a ton of kids there and the eggs were actually hidden which is better than the egg dashes we were used to when we lived in FL when all the eggs were just lying on the ground and it was a free for all.  Abby found the golden egg with a special prize inside and she was so proud.  After the egg hunt we went home and had a yummy breakfast.  Later that day we headed to park and hung out for a while and the girls played and Abby was even able to fly her kite for a bit.   It was a fantastic day! 
Abby with the goods before Olivia woke up

Hmm, what is this??

The "grass" was her favorite thing!

Easter egg hunt in the park

Waiting to find some eggs

The coolest thing about the egg hunt was that is was all a little boy who lives in our subdivision's idea.  He put it all together, hung all the signs, stuff all the eggs, hid all the eggs and even helped Olivia find some eggs.  It was just so sweet!!

Abby with the Golden Egg, it had a dollar inside!!!

Olivia opened all of her eggs and looked at all the candy.  She didn't really know what to do with it at first. I finally gave her the go ahead to put it in her mouth and she quickly became a fan!

The girls were allowed to enjoy a few pieces of candy before I took their baskets away to begin rationing the candy.  We then started making brunch and Olivia was just being way too quiet.  I went looking for her and found her sitting under our computer desk with an egg she must have snuck somehow before I got their baskets and she was quietly eating the candy from it.  Oops....caught in the act!!

"Who me?  I would NEVER do anything naughty!!!"

Abby at the park

Flying her kite

Olivia and me enjoying the sunshine at the park.



They are so cute, and they look soooo much alike!!! How fun!


Genest Family said...

I just can't get over Olivia, she's all grown up! A big girl haircut and all!

Susan said...

Sooo cute!!!

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