Friday, April 30, 2010

April's Random Ramblings


  • We all went out to lunch one day and Abby decided to sit across from Olivia and next to Andrew.  She said, "I am going to sit here Dad that way you can enjoy Mommy (I was sitting across from him) while we eat."
  • One day I was telling Abby to do something she didn't particularly want to do and she looked at me and said, "Don't you ever get tired of being the boss?"---my quick reply was a simple no.
  • Abby has found her inner southern girl and started calling Andrew, Paw.  
  • Abby told me that maybe someday Daddy could stay at home so that I could get my old job back being a cheerleader!


  • Since the beginning of the month Olivia has been putting 2 word sentences together more and more.  Like, "bye-bye Dada" and "more, please".  It is amazing to watch their speaking abilities evolve!
  • Whenever you ask Olivia where something is and she doesn't know, she will repeat the word with her hands up and then say ni-nite.  As in, Olivia where is your paci?  She will put her hands up and ask, "pa-pa??" and then she will smile and say "ni-nite".  
  • Lotion = lowsh
  • Ouch = Owsh and she says this the entire time I change her diaper or brush her hair.
  • If you ask Olivia to do something she either says, "kay" or "no"

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