Sunday, March 28, 2010

Ostrich Festival

That's right an entire festival that is dedicated to the strange bird known as the ostrich.  It was actually a very big festival with lots of rides, food, vendors, music and of course ostrich races.  The girls really enjoyed the ostrich races and Abigail had a blast on the rides.  She would have stayed all day if we had let her.  It was kind of hard just because Olivia wasn't really big enough to ride many of the rides but she really wanted to go with her sister, maybe next year the girls can ride the rides together at the festivals.

Abby going down the slide and Olivia waiting for her at the bottom

Watching the Ostrich races

Such a strange looking animal

Daddy and Olivia cheering on the birds

Ostrich chariot race

In addition to the ostrich races, they had camel races as well.

The girls checking out the chickens

I was surprised Abby wanted to do this, but she really enjoyed riding the zip line.

Olivia's one and only ride of the day.  She doesn't look very happy in this picture (she was soooo tired) but she smiled and giggled through the entire ride once it started!

The girls sharing a sno cone.  I am pretty sure this was their favorite part of the entire festival.

Olivia was tuckered out afterward, a sign of a good day!!!


The Kendall Family said...

A festival for an ostrich!!! of course! Definitely looks like tons of fun for them! Love the sno-cone pic!

Susan said...

Great pictures!

Genest Family said...

Never heard of that kind of festival before! Cool! The boys would have loved it!

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