Wednesday, March 31, 2010

March's Random Ramblings

  • When we had Me and My Gal day at Abby's school she looked at me as we got out of the van and said, "how are you enjoying Me and My Gal day so far, Mommy?"  
  • Abigail's soccer uniforms are blue much to her dismay.  One day as we were getting ready for soccer she said, "Mommy I love soccer, but blue really isn't my color."
  • Driving to school one day Abby informed me that we were taking the sun for a walk.
  • I am pretty sure Olivia thinks Abby's name is sister.  Every morning when she wakes up she asks sister? sister? ....she always needs to know where Abby is.
  • Olivia has recently started saying "ya" and "no" in response to questions you ask her.  Sometimes Abby will get her on a roll and she will answer ya to everything (including when Abby asks if she loves poop)  which Abby finds hilarious!                                                           


Susan said...

Oh, I'm so happy that there are now Abby and Livvy Random Ramblings!!! Can't wait to see all of you in ummm 23 days!!!!

The Kendall Family said...

Oh, what fun they are! Thanks for the post:) Always good for many laughs!

Jennifer B. said...

That's funny she thinks that Abby's name is sister. Jocelyn and Jasmine call each other cousin. Tina has started calling Jasmine that, too, since she is so used to hearing Jocelyn call her that :).

Sam said...

Too cute! I remember when Abby & Nolan replied to everything with ya and nope...wish I would have kept better track of words back then! :)

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