Monday, September 07, 2009

Happy 4th Birthday Abigail

My dearest Abigail,

Well, here we are again...the day that you look forward to for weeks while I look at it with a sense of bitter-sweetness. I love watching you grow, and sharing more things with you. I love that we can joke around and that your sense of humor is getting more sophisticated. I love that you have an opinion and know how to express it with confidence. I love that you are able to help me with your sister and with some of my day to day tasks. I love watching you learn, explore, and live your life! But at the same time, it means that you are another year older. It reminds me that I will never get this time back, and you won't always be a little girl. It reminds me that time goes by too quickly and you are growing up in the blink of an eye. And as cliched as it may be, the saying that "kids grow up too fast" is one that holds even more truth with every passing day! This day, your birthday, reminds me to hold you closer, snuggle you longer, and cherish every day for the gift that it is!!

This past year has been a year of change for all of us. Shortly after your birthday we welcomed Olivia into our lives. I could never have imagined what a wonderful, caring, and loving big sister you would be. My heart smiles when I watch you interact with your sister. You love her so much and you are so sweet and tolerant of her. You watch over her and make sure that all of her needs are met. You are always wondering where she is if she's not within arms reach and you are usually a little sad when we do something without her. Your bond with your sister has grown fast and furious and I couldn't be more proud of how you have handled welcoming her into our lives!

We have also moved twice in the past few months and you took it like a champ! I was a little bit worried about how you handle leaving the only place you knew as "home" and the friends you have come to love and rely on. While it was sad to leave, your resilience amazes me. You said goodbye and then looked forward to the next adventure. When we got to Colorado you instantly made friends, got involved in activities, and made it your home, albeit for a relatively short period of time. Then, after 3 short months it was time to say goodbye and once again you were a trooper! You've embraced our new home here in Phoenix and I am looking forward to all the fun things we have ahead of us!!

Abigail, you are a wonderful little girl. My life is fuller, happier, and more complete because you are in it. You give me a purpose, you make me laugh, and you make me want to be the best Mommy I can be! I love you with all my heart and while you won't always be a "little" girl, you will always be MY "little" girl!!

All the love in my heart,
Mommy Cheyna


Susan said...

I always look forward to your birthday posts - they are so beautiful and they always make me cry. Thank you for being such a wonderful Mother!


Happy Birthday Abby!!!

Kristen said...

sniffle, sniffle...Happy Birthday Abby!! See you soon for a birthday hug:)

Jennifer Baldovinos said...

This one brought a tear to my eye!!! I know, it is so exciting to see them grow up, but it's sad to think you can't turn back the hands of time.

The Scofields said...

Cheyna - you are such a beautiful person, and it shows in your children. You write what so many of us feel, and it makes me happy and breaks my heart at the same time. Abby is lucky to have you - and she'll love looking back at these letters when she is grown with her own babies. Happy Birthday to Abby, and congratulations on being such amazing parents to both you and Andy. We love you all!

Sam and Brian said...

I'm glad I waited till the kiddos were asleep to read this, the water works are going. You are truly an amazing person and an inspirational mommy. Congrats on having a beautiful, wonderful, one of a kind 4 year old princess daughter. xoxo!

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