Thursday, September 10, 2009

Abby's Colorado Birthday Party

We decided to have Abby's birthday party early this year while we were still in Colorado. She had made a lot of friends in the neighborhood and since we were moving so close to her real birthday we didn't think we would know too many people here yet. It was perfect! We had a water-themed party; the kiddos did the slip-n-slide, played splash-out, went in the hot-tub, and there was even a pinata! Abby had a fantastic time with all of her friends and of course made out like a bandit! It was nice to be able to share her birthday festivities with my family for once as well!

We got a cupcake "cake". It was awesome, no slicing necessary. Fast and easy, just the way I like it!!


Some of the boys playing splash-out

Hanging out in the hot tub

Abby and Ellen sneaking a look at the cake

The birthday girl!!!!

Mmm, chocolate cupcakes
Pinata time!

Daddy sneaking some love!

I didn't know Madonna was invited. Oh wait, that's Andrew!
Declan and Abby enjoying some of the pinata loot
Opening presents

Abby and Aidan were all tuckered out. They fell asleep up in the loft watching some tv after the party was over!

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Susan said...

Oh my. it looks like she had a most wonderful party!

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