Monday, September 21, 2009

Abby's Birthday

On Abby's actual birthday we were very busy doing all things Abby. My Dad was in town for the weekend so he was able to help us celebrate. We let Abby pick what she wanted to do for the day and the first activity she chose was bowling. So to the bowling alley we went. After bowling Abby wanted to go to McDonald's for lunch. Then, we headed home so Olivia could nap and Abby, Andrew and Papi went swimming in the pool. We had pizza for dinner, followed by ice cream cupcakes from Coldstone for dessert. We finished up the day with a spin on the new bike. It was a great day celebrating with my 4 year old princess!!!

The girls at the bowling alley. The bowling shoes go really well with the birthday dress!
Olivia was thrilled with the bowling
Abby opening some presents. She was so sweet and all "thank yous". Especially to Olivia who got her some roll-on perfume!
Olivia eating the presents, I mean helping open the presents.

Papi and Abby with the yummy cupcakes
Abby chose a pink one, big surprise.

A few birthday girl shots

My 4 year old!!
Family shot


Susan said...

Wonderful pictures! See you tomorrow!

Jennifer B. said...

Ok, those matching dresses are so adorable! Sounds like a fun day :).

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