Sunday, August 16, 2009

Butterfly Pavilion

The other day I decided to take the girls to the Butterfly Pavilion in Westminster. It is a bit of a drive, but we were trying to find a way to kill time till Andrew got here that evening. While this is something I wouldn't do all the time, it kept us entertained for the afternoon and I am glad we decided to go. Abby really enjoyed seeing all the butterflies and looking at some of the other hands on exhibits and seeing the other bugs. Both Abby and Olivia liked the little playground area and we spent quite a long time there. After the pavilion we went and had lunch followed by a trip to Target. We had perfect timing because about 15 minutes after we got home, Andrew arrived from Florida! The girls were thrilled to see him and that was definitely the highlight of the day!!

Feeling a star fish

Out in the pavilion where the butterflies are just flying around. If you stay still they will land on you which is supposed to be good luck. There were so many beautiful butterflies!!

Abby checking out what looks like a Monarch butterfly
Butterflies feasting on fruit!

Posing for the camera
Abby spotting some butterflies. She was in awe and loved finding the brightly colored butterflies, especially the pink ones!
Abby practicing her photography skills. I guess she is a bit sick of always being pictured :-)
Playing on the "honeycomb" climber....Olivia LOVED this (so did Abby), they could have spent all day crawling and climbing around on this!

Playing together

One of the other play areas....Abby kept telling me it was their hideout!


Bengela said...

we loved it here they still let you hold Rosy the tarantula?

momto2boys said...

I really liked the butterfly pavilion... I was stopping in to ask about Rosie too... but I see Ang beat me to it!

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