Monday, January 12, 2009

Sea World

The day after Christmas we headed down to Orlando for the weekend. It was kind of a last minute trip, but we had a lot of fun and I am glad we went. On Saturday Andrew and his Dad went to the Wisconsin bowl game while Susan and I braved the crowds at Sea World with the girls. The guys had a great time at the game (I will post some pictures of that later) and we had a fantastic time at Sea World. Last time we went to Sea World we didn't see any shows and this time we saw 3! Abby LOVED them and I was very impressed with what they had to offer, she is still talking about Shamu and the pirate show we saw. It was a great little impromptu trip, so great in fact, it has prompted us to plan a trip back to Orlando to go to Disney in March....can't wait!!!

Myself, Susan, Abby and Olivia in front of the Budweiser horses.

Me and Abby checking out the seals and sea lions.

Abby and I in front of the Christmas tree

Abby saying goodbye to the Shamu statue as we were leaving.


Susan said...

Grammy had so much fun! Can't wait to go back!

momto2boys said...

Do you know about the military disney discounts for this year?? They are awesome.. email me and I can send you what I know.. :)

I LOVE Seaworld! :)

The Scofields said...

This will be so much fun seeing the kiddos enjoy Disney!! (I'm pretty excited myself!)

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