Friday, January 23, 2009

Pajama Day

Abby had pajama day at school last week and it was a big hit. Abby thought it was really cool to spend all day in her jammies and she has already started to plan which jammies she will wear next time its pajama day at school. All the kiddos looked so cute in their pjs and the teachers even got into the spirit!
I took this when I picked Abby up. She is not in a class of all boys but all the other girls had already been picked up for the day. Back row: Abby, Miss Marlo, Conner Front row: in matching pjs Nolan and Randy

Miss Marlo and her star pupils (at least in my mind) Abby and Nolan!

1 comment:

Kendalls said...

Oh how cute!! I love wearing my jammies all day too!

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