Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ice Skating

On Sunday after church, we went down to Sandestin to take Abigail ice skating. Every winter at Baytowne Wharf they set up an ice skating rink, we missed out last year and I was determined to go this year. Well, with the craziness that goes along with the holidays we never made it down that way and I thought for sure we missed out again. We lucked out though because we called on Sunday and they were going to be open for one more week!

When we got there the rink was empty, not another soul around. Abby was very excited to get going and couldn't barely contain her excitement. She LOVED skating (with Andrew's help of course). Andrew would try to take a break to stretch out his back (it was sore from bending over to hold onto Abby) and Abby would keep telling Andrew she wanted to skate more. They were out on the ice for over an hour and not once did Abby complain or cry, even when she fell! We had to bribe her with hot chocolate to get her to leave. Abby comes from a long line of skaters. Her Dad and Uncle Josh both played hockey and her Uncle Duke and Uncle Mikey are both obsessed with the sport and are very good hockey players! Maybe someday she will play too, if not, I think skating will become a favorite past time of hers!

***I took a lot of pictures, sorry!!***

This is the rink. Nothing to those we see in Colorado or Wisconsin, but not too shabby for Florida! Mind you, it was about 6o degrees outside that day!

Abby's little skate, isn't it cute?!?

Getting all laced up

Taking her first step on the ice

Daddy and Abby

Taking a break (for about 5 seconds)

Mommy and Olivia watching the skaters

Mmmm, nothing like hot chocolate after a day of ice skating

Daddy and Olivia at Starbucks after skating

Andrew and his girls

Me and my girls (Olivia was ready for a nap!)

My little skating queen!


Susan said...

Love all the skating pictures. I remember when Peter signed Joshua and Andrew (ages 5 & 7) up for hockey. I said "you can go unsign them, it is a violent sport" - NTL both played hockey for many years, Andrew through HS. Peter coached for many years and I assisted for a few. Hopefully Abby will continue to love to skate wherever she is! Love, Grammy

Susan said...

PS Where's her helmet?

Kendalls said...

What a fun day for Abby!

Tracy said...

How lucky to have the rink all to yourselves! We took after Christmas - they have a rink in the mall. It absolutely KILLED my back!

momto2boys said...

Love all the pics.. you look great!!! :)

The Scofields said...

Were you guys the only ones at the rink???

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