Friday, October 31, 2008

Fall Fun

We have had a few fun fall activities in the midst of having a baby. Some of the activities Sam and Brian were nice enough to take Abby to without us so we could rest a bit. On Monday, the day after Olivia was born, Sam picked up Abby and took her and Nolan to the fall harvest festival that benefits toys for tots. They did all sorts of fun things like bobbing for apples, a sack race, painting pumpkins, and a race wearing adult clothes. From what I hear the kids had a blast! Thanks Sam for taking Abby I know it was nice for her to get out of the house and hang with her friend!
Nolan and Abby with their pumpkins

Bobbing for apples

The adult clothes race!

Painting pumpkins

The following Friday night, Sam and Brian again invited Abby along with them to the amusement park in Destin. They were running a special for $10 all you can ride. It seemed like a really good deal, but we couldn't bring Olivia out in the cold so again we opted out and our very generous friends let Abby tag along with them! The kids loved the rides and even though it was chilly out that night, they had a blast!

Best buds!!

On Saturday Abby, Andrew, Olivia, Grammy Susan and myself headed down to Destin commons for their fall activities. They had a costume contest, and then they had trick or treating at all the stores. Some of the stores had a few special activities on top of the trick or treating. The Bass Pro Shop had fishing for apples, a marshmallow toss, painting pumpkins and mask decorating. Abby's favorite activity was trick or treating. She seemed truly amazed that people kept giving her candy!!! It was a nice day and it was nice to get out of the house. Olivia did really well and slept in her stroller most of the time and did a good job eating out in public with my nursing cover! Not that she has much of a problem eating anywhere!

Tasting some of the candy after trick or treating

"Fishing" for Apples

No trip to Destin Commons is complete without ice cream! Thanks Grammy!!!

Then, this past Monday which was my first day at home alone with the two girls, we ventured out to the mom and me group we belong to. They were having their Halloween party and there was a pot luck with lots of yummy food and the kids dressed up in their costumes and "trick or treated" to a few of the offices around the church. It was nice to get out of the house and good practice for me to get both kids ready and out the door by a certain time in the morning. Abby had fun in her costume and it was good for her to get out of the house and play with the other kids. Olivia did really well and slept the whole time we were out. It was actually somewhat relaxing for me!

Group shot of all the kids. It was impossible to get any of them to look at the camera

Abby and Nolan trick or treating

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Kendalls said...

It is so nice to have Sam and Brian...and of course, Little Nolan!! Love the costumes!!

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