Monday, October 06, 2008

Goofy Golf

We had a fun filled weekend, it started out on Saturday with Goofy Golf. Andrew had taken Abby putt-putt while I was in New York this summer and she has asked to play again a few times. Saturday was the perfect opportunity, we had to pick up Andrew's car from the shop and had some time to waste before hand, plus the weather was good. Not too hot!! Abby did well, she enjoyed it up until about the 15th hole where she sort of lost interest was hungry for lunch. But, for $1 it was totally worth it!!

Andrew helping Abby. He is looking forward to the day that she can go play "real" golf with him, but until then putt-putt will have to do!

Kissing the snake.....brave girl!!

Goofy golf, Goofy Andrew!


Sam and Brian said...

That looks like lots of fun! I forgot it's only a dollar, can't beat that! :)

Sam and Brian said...

Hi, I tagged you on my blog! ;)

The Scofields said...

Very cute pictures! I don't think Gabriel would have enough patience to play golf. And, what a cute pic of Andy with the kangaroo! ;o)

Kendalls said...

Oh, to be in the states! Actually we have mini-golf, I found it at one of the pools. But it's on concrete... Glad you had some cheap family fun!

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